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Dr Melanie C. Schlatter
PhD (Psych, New Zealand), PGDipHlthPsych,
MSc (Pharmacology, Distinction),
PGDipRehab, BSc (Psych).

A Health Psychologist Can Help You Overcome Your Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Challenges

When you are under stress it can manifest itself in a wide variety of health and other issues, which often leads to
even more stress, and as a result, even more health issues.

The end result can be a vicious circle of pain, depression, fear, anxiety, and an overall poor quality of life. In fact,
people with stress that goes unchecked are more prone to cancer, heart disease, and a shorter life expectancy.

But you don't have to be a victim of this kind of fear ruling your life. You can learn how to conquer stress and its debilitating effects.

My name is Dr Melanie Schlatter. I am a New Zealander, and a New Zealand educated consultant Health Psychologist working in Dubai. I am specially trained in helping people like you to overcome psychological / mental health issues related to health and overall quality of life  - but you don't need any kind of physical illness or disease to come and see me.

When you're more equipped to cope with stress you'll begin to feel more in control and you can then look at your
experiences and personal relationships in an entirely different way…

…and when this happens it will guide your emotional healing process until you gradually become healthier - both
physically and emotionally.

This isn't always an easy process though. You will need to work on yourself and start to open doors in your life that
have been closed for a long time.

But, if you are ready to explore the possibility of having more control over your stress and your life, then...


he faster you get on the road to recovery, the better.


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