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I'd really love to hear from you!


(As at 28 September 2017)

Please ring the Well Woman Clinic for all appointments and general enquiries: +971 4 332 7117
I see males also and we have separate waiting areas.
I only speak English, but am working on my Arabic.
For those that prefer more anonymity, please book an appointment for the mid-to-late afternoon when the clinic is less busy.

Opening hours are Sunday - Thursday 8am-6pm, and Saturdays 8am-2pm.
(I am not there the whole week; the clinic can help you find a convenient time ).

For any other personal enquiries, please give me a call and I will get back to you asap, except Fridays (+971 50 10 30 822).
I do not tend to respond to missed calls, so please leave me a text / WhatsApp or voice message.

If you email me or leave me a message, I will keep your request strictly confidential.
Only I will ever see it, and only I will ever respond to you.

Phone / Skype equivalent consultations are available for when you are out of town or need an evening slot.

Your Appointment
At the initial assessment, you will be asked to tell your 'story', and you may feel like you are doing most of the talking. However this is very important in order to provide you with an optimal intervention. The ultimate aim is to relieve your distress by providing ways to help you positively manage your situation- and empowering you to make significant and long lasting change … as well as learning something about yourself in the meantime. I will ask you your fair share of questions, so don't worry! These will be related to 'who' you are, how you cope with problems in general, lifestyle factors, and most importantly, why you are seeking help now.

For many people, talking about your past and present experiences may be a relatively new concept, and you may worry about the integrity of yourself- particularly with respect to confidentiality. Please be assured that everything you choose to tell me will remain confidential. In only very exceptional cases would there be a need to break confidentiality, and this would be discussed thoroughly with you beforehand.

Please note that medication cannot be prescribed, rather, you will be helped using techniques which have scientific validation, such as cognitive behavioural and related therapies. These techniques will gently guide you to identify and modify irrational or unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours, to ultimately change your mood and quality of life for the better.

Although a certain number of sessions will be recommended, you are under no obligation to complete these sessions. On average, most people can benefit significantly from 3-8 sessions.

All sessions are 55 minutes in length. If there are particular issues you would like addressed, you will need to bring them up earlier in the consultation so that we do not run out of time. It is important that your primary needs are addressed, so that you do not leave the consultation feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, or rushed.

Please understand that it is not always possible to offer an immediate diagnosis and solutions to your problem. Therapy is intended for the shorter to medium term and requires information, and ongoing input from your side. If you require a 'quick fix', this form of therapy may not be for you, and / or you may not be ready at this time in your life.

Reflective exercises are often 'prescribed' in the following sessions, as practice of your skills between sessions will be advantageous in the future.

Free Sessions
Are you working for a large company such as Shell, Pepsico or Etihad (or other)? Check whether you are eligible for sessions with the AXA-ICAS insurance
scheme through your work - you might be able to secure 5 sessions with me free of charge.

We accept all forms of insurance at the clinic on a 'Pay and Claim' basis (you pay for the session and I will complete the forms to help you claim it back).
We have most forms available, so I will sign and stamp them at the end of the session.
Please ring your Provider and make sure you are covered first, as I do not know about your individual policy - it is possible you may need a referral to see me.

Just need a One-Off Appointment?
Some people want / require an in-depth one-off 2+ hour session - perhaps to cover and get control and understanding over one major worry or to obtain an understanding of a short episode of stress. Message me and I will accomodate you!

Last quick points...
I see both males and females (18+ and I make some exceptions for teenagers)
I do not do formal couples therapy or counselling for children.
I have tissues and water in my office.
We also have herbal teas, nibbles /fruit, espresso coffee, and the latest magazines.
I do not prescribe medication but I can refer you to a psychiatrist if need be.
We also have female GPs at the clinic who I would recommend without hesitation.
As at 2017, the first Assessment session is dhs650- (1 hour). All sessions thereafter are dhs600- and 55 minutes.
Due to a long waiting list, we need advance warning of cancellations as a basic matter of courtesy.
If you want a phone or Skype appointment, that is absolutely fine, but if possible, I do prefer to meet you in person first.
There is plenty of parking inside (free) and outside (paid) at the clinic

Contact me now. What are you waiting for? There is the email form above, and you can also connect with me on Linked In. Due to other commitments (mother, housewife, Board member etc), I am pretty inactive on other social media sites, but please continue to watch this space!

Website last updated 28 8 2017 :)

Well Woman Clinic
1st Floor
Allied Medical Centre
2nd December Street
Satwa, DUBAI
United Arab Emirates

+971 4 332-7117
+971 50 10 30 822 (Leave me a message - voice or text)
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